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Our Mission

Our mission for the best
Expectation of the century

Our team is the best team in the country and has been hand picked out of many performances and polished to perform the best

John Milton

John milton is the center of attraction in the field of cultural art forms and he has transformed it into an appeasing art of beauty endured by excellence.You can also feel the allure by campaigning with us

Folk art forms of kerala

Art forms under one umbrella

We have all the art forms of Kerala under our belt-Singarimelam, Chend melam

Mayoora Nritham

We provide High Quality Kathakali Dancers

In Kathakali there are totally 470 symbols used in all Mudras and their seperations. There 24 hand gestures in Kathakali called 'Basic Mudras'.Also 'Asamyutha Mudras' that is shown using single hand and Samyutha Mudras' that is shown in double hands in each Basic Mudras, for showing different symbols .