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A Stash of One's Own

  • Author : Clara Parkes
  • Publisher :Unknown
  • Release Date :2017-09-12
  • Total pages :192
  • ISBN : 9781683351627

Summary : From New York Times bestselling knitting writer Clara Parkes, comes a new collection of essays and stories drawn from the yarn-loving, stash-collecting, close-knit community of knitters. This addictive-to-read anthology celebrates yarn—specifically, the knitter’s reputation for acquiring it in large quantities and storing it away in what’s lovingly referred to as a “stash.” Consider contributions from knitting and teaching luminaries, including: Stitch ’n Bitch co-founder Debbie Stoller Meg Swansen, daughter of master knitter Elizabeth Zimmermann Knitting blogger and author Susan B. Anderson alongside offerings from knitting greats Amy Herzog, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, and Franklin Habit—plus, stories from a romance novelist, an illustrator, a PhD-wielding feminist publisher, a globetrotting textile artist, a licensed clinical social worker, and the people behind the world’s largest collective online stash, Ravelry.com. The pieces range from comical to earnest, lighthearted to deeply philosophical as each seeks to answer the question of how the stash a knitter has accumulated over the years reflects his or her place in universe. The stories in A Stash of One’s Own represent and provide validation for knitters’ wildly varying perspectives on yarn, from holding zero stash, to stash-busting, to stockpiling masses of it—and even including it in estate plans. These tales are for all fiber artists, spinners, dyers, crafters, crocheters, sheep farmers, shop owners, beginning knitters to yarn experts, and everyone who has ever loved a skein too hard to let it go.

Ladies and Gents

  • Author : Olga Gershenson,Barbara Penner
  • Publisher :Unknown
  • Release Date :2009-07-28
  • Total pages :250
  • ISBN : 9781592139408

Summary : Public toilets provide a unique opportunity for interrogating how conventional assumptions about the body, sexuality, privacy, and technology are formed in public spaces and inscribed through design across cultures. This collection of original essays from international scholars is the first to explore the cultural meanings, histories, and ideologies of public toilets as gendered spaces. Ladies and Gents consists of two sets of essays. The first, 'Potty Politics: Toilets, Gender and Identity,' establishes the importance of accessible, secure public toilets to the creation of inclusive cities, work, and learning environments. The second set of essays, 'Toilet Art: Design and Cultural Representations,' discusses public toilets as spaces of representation and representational spaces, with reference to architectural design, humor, film, theater, art, and popular culture. Compelling visual materials and original artwork are included throughout, depicting subjects as varied as female urinals, art installations sited in public restrooms, and the toilet in contemporary art. Taken together, these seventeen essays demonstrate that public toilets are often sites where gendered bodies compete for resources and recognition—and the stakes are high. Contributors include: Nathan Abrams, Jami L. Anderson, Johan Andersson, Kathryn H. Anthony, Kathy Battista, Andrew Brown-May, Ben Campkin, Meghan Dufresne, Peg Fraser, Deborah Gans, Clara Greed, Robin Lydenberg, Claudia Mitchell, Alison Moore, Frances Pheasant-Kelly, Bushra Rehman, Alex Schweder, Naomi Stead, and the editors.

The American Gangsters Guide to Being Your Own Boss

  • Author : David Thigpen
  • Publisher :Unknown
  • Release Date :2009
  • Total pages :229
  • ISBN : 9781616584825

Summary :

Twart Nars - A flatlander's guide to Cowboy Hunting

  • Author : Dale E. Wagman
  • Publisher :Unknown
  • Release Date :2012-01-01
  • Total pages :332
  • ISBN : 9780578076331

Summary :


Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment

  • Author : Sander Rossel
  • Publisher :Unknown
  • Release Date :2017-10-30
  • Total pages :458
  • ISBN : 9781787284180

Summary : Getting started with the processes and the tools to continuously deliver high-quality software About This Book Incorporate popular development practices to prevent messy code Automate your build, integration, release, and deployment processes with Jenkins, Git, and Gulp?and learn how continuous integration (CI) can save you time and money Gain an end-to-end overview of Continuous Integration using different languages (JavaScript and C#) and tools (Gulp and Jenkins) Who This Book Is For This book is for developers who want to understand and implement Continuous Integration and Delivery in their daily work. A basic knowledge of at least JavaScript and HTML/CSS is required. Knowing C# and SQL will come in handy. Most programmers who have programmed in a (compiled) C-like language will be able to follow along. What You Will Learn Get to know all the aspects of Continuous Integration, Deployment, and Delivery Find out how Git can be used in a CI environment Set up browser tests using Karma and Selenium and unit tests using Jasmine Use Node.js, npm, and Gulp to automate tasks such as linting, testing, and minification Explore different Jenkins jobs to integrate with Node.js and C# projects Perform Continuous Delivery and Deployment using Jenkins Test and deliver a web API In Detail The challenge faced by many teams while implementing Continuous Deployment is that it requires the use of many tools and processes that all work together. Learning and implementing all these tools (correctly) takes a lot of time and effort, leading people to wonder whether it's really worth it. This book sets up a project to show you the different steps, processes, and tools in Continuous Deployment and the actual problems they solve. We start by introducing Continuous Integration (CI), deployment, and delivery as well as providing an overview of the tools used in CI. You'll then create a web app and see how Git can be used in a CI environment. Moving on, you'll explore unit testing using Jasmine and browser testing using Karma and Selenium for your app. You'll also find out how to automate tasks using Gulp and Jenkins. Next, you'll get acquainted with database integration for different platforms, such as MongoDB and PostgreSQL. Finally, you'll set up different Jenkins jobs to integrate with Node.js and C# projects, and Jenkins pipelines to make branching easier. By the end of the book, you'll have implemented Continuous Delivery and deployment from scratch. Style and approach This practical book takes a step-by-step approach to explaining all the concepts of Continuous Integration and delivery, and how it can help you deliver a high-quality product.

Start Your Own Self Publishing Business

  • Author : Entrepreneur Press,Cheryl Kimball
  • Publisher :Unknown
  • Release Date :2012-06-01
  • Total pages :219
  • ISBN : 9781613081747

Summary : Profits from Pages Self-publishing is a fast-growing industry, and bookstores and consumers alike now acknowledge the value of self-published books. In this valuable guide, industry experts coach you in becoming a player in the self-publishing arena—whether it is self-publishing your own book or providing professional services for others who want to self-publish. Our experts reveal the tricks of the self-publishing trade: how to evaluate book ideas and recognize a hot-seller; how to develop an effective marketing plan; getting books reviewed and landing great publicity; getting books into traditional and non-traditional sales channels; tapping into the potential of online publishing, and more. Addresses dramatic game-changers including print-on-demand and ebooks Reviews industry player offerings including Ingram and Amazon Covers critical marketing tools including author websites and social media marketing Features interviews with industry insiders and practicing self-published authors Plus, a quick-reference guide to every step in the publishing process helps you along your way.

Room of One's Own

  • Author : Anonim
  • Publisher :Unknown
  • Release Date :2004
  • Total pages :229
  • ISBN : UOM:39015073790050

Summary :

A Death of One's Own

  • Author : Jared Stark
  • Publisher :Unknown
  • Release Date :2018-03-15
  • Total pages :184
  • ISBN : 9780810136786

Summary : To be or not to be—who asks this question today, and how? What does it mean to issue, or respond to, an appeal for the right to die? In A Death of One’s Own, the first sustained literary study of the right to die, Jared Stark takes up these timely questions by testing predominant legal understandings of assisted suicide and euthanasia against literary reflections on modern death from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Rigorously interdisciplinary and lucidly argued, Stark’s wide-ranging discussion sheds critical light on the disquieting bioethical and biopolitical dilemmas raised by contemporary forms of medical technology and legal agency. More than a survey or work of advocacy, A Death of One’s Own examines the consequences and limits of the three reasons most often cited for supporting a person’s right to die: that it is justified as an expression of personal autonomy or self-ownership; that it constitutes an act of self-authorship, of “choosing a final chapter” in one’s life; and that it enables what has come to be called “death with dignity.” Probing the intersections of law and literature, Stark interweaves close discussion of major legal, political, and philosophical arguments with revealing readings of literary and testimonial texts by writers including Balzac, Melville, Benjamin, and Améry. A thought-provoking work that will be of interest to those concerned with law and humanities, biomedical ethics, cultural history, and human rights, A Death of One’s Own opens new and suggestive paths for thinking about the history of modern death as well as the unsettled future of the right to die.

The Stash Plan

A Stash Of One's Own PDF Free Download
  • Author : Laura Prepon,Elizabeth Troy
  • Publisher :Unknown
  • Release Date :2016-03
  • Total pages :288
  • ISBN : 9781501123092

Summary : 'Cook ahead, mix and match, nourish body and soul'--Cover.


  • Author : 研究社辞書編集部
  • Publisher :Unknown
  • Release Date :2007-03
  • Total pages :255
  • ISBN : 4767490537

Summary : かなで引ける日本文化和英辞典の決定版!

Our Gal Someday: A Scalar Signature Western

  • Author : Frank Juszczyk
  • Publisher :Unknown
  • Release Date :2011
  • Total pages :229
  • ISBN : 9780557648047

Summary :

Word Stash

  • Author : Bill Casselman
  • Publisher :Unknown
  • Release Date :2017-10-13
  • Total pages :474
  • ISBN : 9781490784939

Summary : Samples of the gems which glitter and await the reader inside Bill Casselmans Word Stash: Ever helpful, I offer readers handy tips not just about words but about living. In a chapter on avoiding tired weather words, I write Likewise disdained in weather response is understatement. When a small child is blown away down the block towards an operating hay-baling machine, dont say, Looks like the breeze has freshened. On the contrary, scream and run madly to retrieve the aerial infant. But, during weather commentaries, overstatement may also be scorned. At the onset of a thunder-clap which sends a pet dachshund under grandmothers shawl, do not leap on the barbeque canopy and shout, Action stations! What was my aim in writing this collection of short essays about language? In each chapter I tried to select one word not merely rare, but a choice vocable that is in fact le mot recherch, a term uncommon to the point of pretentiousness. Email response reveals that readers of my work want to expand their vocabularies. So why else am I here, if not to foist upon innocent readers the most obscure word-mosses scraped from oblivions grotto? With that modest caution then, I invite readers to press onward, toward the broad, sunlit uplands of enlightenment, where new words dwell.

You Can’t Get It ‘Cause You've Already Got It!

  • Author : Stash Serafin,Ruth Anne Wood
  • Publisher :Unknown
  • Release Date :2007-01-01
  • Total pages :100
  • ISBN : 9780979262517

Summary :


  • Author : David Matthew Klein
  • Publisher :Unknown
  • Release Date :2010-07-27
  • Total pages :384
  • ISBN : 9780307716828

Summary : From Debut Novelist David Klein – A Page-Turning Story of Suburbia and Its Secrets Gwen Raine is a woman readers will instantly recognize: an attractive, thirtyish stay-at-home mom who lives in the kind of tranquil suburban community where the wives spend their days ferrying the kids to and from school and music lessons and nature camps and where the husbands work long, grueling hours at stressful white-collar jobs in order to maintain the upscale standard of living to which the whole family has become all-too-accustomed. It’s a milieu in which everything seems to be right—yet so much can go wrong. And it does—starting with a seemingly minor decision that turns Gwen’s perfect life upside down. It’s a typical Friday morning in late summer and Gwen is anticipating a long-awaited weekend away at the lake with her overworked husband, Brian, and their two small children. After dropping her daughter off at swim class, Gwen drives across town to purchase a small bag of marijuana from an old flame. She’s counting on the pot to help her unwind later that night in those precious private moments with Brian after the kids are asleep. Then, on the way home, Gwen gets into a car accident—an accident that leaves her bruised and somewhat battered but leaves the other driver (an elderly man who crossed over into her lane) dead. The local police know the accident isn’t her fault, but when they find the marijuana in Gwen’s car, they throw the book at her. There have been problems with drugs in the schools and they want to crack down on abusers, whoever and wherever they are. Before long, Gwen is in legal hot water—and the temperature keeps rising. Finally, under pressure from the police, her attorney, and her own husband, she reveals her source’s name. Meanwhile, Brian is embroiled in a moral and legal dilemma of his own when the big pharmaceutical company he works for markets an anti-anxiety drug for 'off-label' use as a weight-loss aid, only to discover that it can have deadly consequences. And Gwen’s former lover Jude, a local restaurateur and the supplier of the stash of the title, has gotten in way over his head with his little side business. Told from multiple perspectives and revolving around a diverse set of vividly imagined characters, this rich, ambitious, and deeply satisfying novel takes a mordant look at our society’s ambivalent and often hypocritical attitude toward all manner of mood-altering substances, legal and illegal. Paced by psychological suspense and an ever-thickening plot, Stash ultimately is about the moral complications that arise when a modern woman’s fierce determination to do the right thing collides head-on with human fallibility and desire.

Start Your Own Pet Business and More

  • Author : Eileen Figure Sandlin,Entrepreneur Press
  • Publisher :Unknown
  • Release Date :2009-01-27
  • Total pages :256
  • ISBN : 9781599181868

Summary : Start and succeed at your very own pet busines-with minimal costs This hands-on guide provides the step-by-step information needed to start five hot businesses in the pet industry, including pet sitting/dog walking, dog training, pet grooming, pet food and upscale pet products.

Start Your Own Vending Business

  • Author : Entrepreneur Press
  • Publisher :Unknown
  • Release Date :2012-05-01
  • Total pages :226
  • ISBN : 9781613081730

Summary : Turn Small Change Into Big Profits! Looking for an opportunity to make big profits while setting your own schedule? A vending business could be your ticket to the top. Americans feed vending machines more than $46 billion a year for sodas, candy, coffee and other snacks. That’s a nice chunk of change you could be pocketing. Starting is easy. You can begin part time out of your home. As your customer base increases, you can hire extra help, invest in more machines and expand your service area. There’s no limit to how large your business can grow. Get the inside scoop on how to start up in this lucrative, flexible business. Expert advice covers: How to select the hottest new products for vending machines The best ways to finance your new business The secrets to scouting out territories and establishing routes Where to find supplies at a discount The latest statistics, trends and forecasts from industry experts Critical tips to avoid getting scammed New technology and the use of social media Checklists, work sheets and expert tips guide you through every phase of the startup process. With low startup costs and no experience required, a vending business is a perfect choice for your new venture.

Thoughts I

  • Author : Christopher Leach
  • Publisher :Unknown
  • Release Date :2004-01
  • Total pages :332
  • ISBN : 9780595307456
GET BOOK HEREA stash of one' s own pdf free download windows 10

Summary : Thoughts I is an unconventional book. Thoughts I consists of poetry, prose and short stories in an unconventional manner. Thoughts are supposed to take place inside the mind, so the purpose behind Thoughts I is to make the reader think. Reading is supposed to be enjoyable as well as entertaining. Yet because Thoughts I is an unconventional book, it may and mostly will frustrate any reader who conforms to a regimented written style of literature. But for those readers who are looking for something different, Thoughts I may be refreshing and appealing to your senses. Hopefully it will inspire you to think, at the very least. Yet, as the author of Thoughts I, I hope to inspire more then just your mind. I hope to touch your heart and your soul. And if I can do that, then I've accomplished what I've set out to do.

The Spoonflower Quick-sew Project Book

  • Author : Anda Corrie
  • Publisher :Unknown
  • Release Date :2018-10-09
  • Total pages :192
  • ISBN : 9781683353317

A Stash Of One's Own


Summary : Stitch up a storm with more than 30 new stash-friendly projects from quilt and fabric lovers’ favorite creative force: Spoonflower. Discover all that you can make with just a yard or two! Spoonflower—a design-your-own/print-on-demand fabric company known for its unique, clever, and must-have designs—presents simple step-by-step instructions that are accompanied by templates and pattern pieces. Here are dozens of brand-new projects designed to be completed in just a few hours. Get inspired and turn your favorite fabric into a lovely garland, stylish tote, children’s tent, and all sorts of other accessories for home and fashion. With step-by-step tutorials and projects that span a wide spectrum of skills, this book is perfect for both new and experienced sewists. Designing fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap used to be the stuff of dreams. Today, Spoonflower’s technology allows anyone to affordably create, print, and purchase one-of-a-kind fabric or paper.


  • Author : Russ Kerr
  • Publisher :Unknown
  • Release Date :2000
  • Total pages :504
  • ISBN : 0864427115

Summary : The Philippines' extraordinary diversity and beauty in one comprehensive guidebook: kaleidoscopic local festivals, bustling cities, deserted islands, awe-inspiring rice terraces, erupting volcanoes, and great adventures under sea and in the hills. -- over 100 easy-to-read maps -- completely revised by a new team of authors -- culturally sensitive and insightful information on the country's political, economic and environmental scene -- essential language chapter, with handy phrases in Pilipino

The Beader's Stash

  • Author : Laura Levaas
  • Publisher :Unknown
  • Release Date :2013-04-15
  • Total pages :144
  • ISBN : 9781620332900

Summary : The finest independent bead shops across the United States and Canada open their doors and their bead boxes in this showcase of materials and techniques to inspire beaders of all stripes. Forty projects mix insider tips with inventive arrangements, employing techniques from stringing and weaving to bead embroidery, wire wrapping, and soldering. Beginners will find an array of rewarding projects and advanced beaders will delight in the original ideas, such as a tic-tac-toe art deco piece, beaded lanterns, a fuzzy felted bead bracelet, a vintage-inspired picture pendant necklace, a spiritual talisman lariat and bracelet, and a unique mosaic bead tray. An instructive Beading 101 section, an illustrated techniques glossary, and a bead shop directory round out the book, making this collection a staple of creative beadwork.

Drugs, Crime and Criminal Justice

  • Author : Nigel South
  • Publisher :Unknown
  • Release Date :1995
  • Total pages :563
  • ISBN : STANFORD:36105009637880

A Stash Of One' S Own Pdf free download. software

Summary : These two volumes, part of a series, cover drugs, the sorts of crimes which drug use gives rise to, and the way in which the criminal justice system deals with those crimes. The social history of drug use is laid out and drugs as commodities with markets and outlets is also covered.