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1. Download the original 1858 English edition of: 'The Great Controversy Between Christ and His Angels, and Satan and His Angels' (290KB)

PDF version (528KB)DOCX (Word) version (171KB)Book with sentences numbered (for easier translation) (287KB)
Study Guide to better understand the 1858 Great Controversy (72KB) in PDF (118KB)

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The audio of this book is available in 4 separate downloads, with file size ranging from 14mb - 25mb.
If you want the highest quality version, please email me (see bottom of page).
Listen to 1858 Great Controversy audio - From the Contents thru Chapter 10
Listen to 1858 Great Controversy audio - From Chapter 11 thru Chapter 20
Listen to 1858 Great Controversy audio - From Chapter 21 thru Chapter 30
Listen to 1858 Great Controversy audio - From Chapter 31 thru Chapter 41, the end

The Testimonies for the Church are the original 'Testimonies' books, not the current, edited, 9-volume series. They are in 'RTF' format to open easily in any word processor. PDF versions are in #9 below.

8. Download 'Testimonies to the Church' original numbers 1-10 (1855-1864) (428KB)

'Testimony for the Church' Nos. 11, 12 & 13 (1867) (349KB)


'Testimony for the Church' No. 14 (1868) (165KB)

'Testimony for the Church' No. 15 (1868) (201KB)

'Testimony for the Church' No. 16 (1868) (173KB)

'Testimony for the Church' No. 17 (1869) (309KB)

'Testimony for the Church' No. 18 (1871) (284KB)

'Testimony for the Church' No. 19 (1868) (159KB)

'Testimony for the Church' No. 20 (1871) (267KB)

'Testimony for the Church' No. 21 (1872) (257KB)

Dr Kent Brantly

'Testimony for the Church' No. 22 (1872) (254KB)

There are 37 volumes in the original 'Testimony for the Church' series. Nearly all of the information was put into the current, familiar, 9-volume set, but some was left out and some new things were added. Available for download here are the first 30 volumes. The following are all 'image files' in PDF format, meaning that they are scans taken of the actual books. Because they are scans, the file size is large, with the smallest being #11 at 1.4MB, and the largest being #1-10 at 8.1MB. These same books in RTF format that you can manipulate in WORD etc. are already available in number '8' above. It is hoped that these volumes will be helpful for those studying the writings of Ellen White deeply.

16. Download 'Steps to Christ' (1892) (165KB) in PDF(181KB)
Only one big difference with current edition.

Called For Life Pdf Free Download Pdf

17. Download 'Mahan Shangarsh' in PDF format (288KB). (1858 Hindi Great Controversy)

18. Download 1858 Bengali Great Controversy in PDF format (419KB).

20. Download 'Sự Tranh Đấu Khốc Liệt' in PDF format (1.1MB). (1858 Vietnamese Great Controversy)

21. Download 1858 Tamil Great Controversy (572kb). If Tamil fonts are needed, download both these two Sindhu fonts here: Sindhu font 1 Sindhu font 2 If using Windows: After downloading the fonts, copy them to the Windows' 'Font' folder to install them, then open the Tamil GC file, select the entire file, then select the 'LT-TM-Sindu' font from the font selector. It should display properly.
in PDF (786KB)

26. Download 'დიადი ბრძოლა ქრისტესა და მის ანგელოზთა და სატანასა და მის ანგელოზთა შორის ' (438KB) (1858 Georgian Great Controversy)
If Georgian fonts are needed, download Acadnusx and Acadmtav here: Acadnusx font Acadmtav font If using Windows: After downloading the fonts, copy them to the Windows' 'Font' folder to install them, then open the Georgian GC file, select the entire file, then select the 'acadnusx' font from the font selector. It should display properly.
in PDF (388KB)

29. Download 1858 Sinhala Great Controversy in PDF format (502KB). (1858 Sri Lankan Great Controversy)

30. Download 1858 Assamese Great Controversy in PDF format (623KB). (Northeast Indian language)

33. Download 'สงครามครั้งยิ่งใหญ่ ระหว่าง พระคริสต์และทูตสวรรค์ของพระองค์ กับ ซาตานและทูตสมุนของมัน' in PDF format (502KB). (1858 Thai Great Controversy)

34. Download 'The Seven Trumpets' by James White (1875), put on internet to show that we need to study to go beyond what our pioneer fathers taught. The final fulfillment of the 7 Trumpets cannot be in the past, as no one yet (2020) has received the Seal of God in their foreheads! (153KB) in PDF (147KB)

36. Download 'Mohavaviet' in PDF format (497KB). (1858 Khmer [Cambodian] Great Controversy)

37. Download 1858 Myanmar Great Controversy in PDF format (463KB).

39. Download 1858 Kannada Great Controversy (3.8mb). (Southern Indian language) Tunga font used.
in PDF (942KB)

Above are the entire 'A Word to the Little Flock', 'A Sketch of the Christian Experience and Views of Ellen White', 'Supplement to the Christian Experience and Views of Ellen White', 'The Great Controversy Between Christ and His Angels and Satan and His Angels', 'Steps to Christ', 'Testimonies to the Church' (up to #30) all by Ellen White. William Miller's 'Views of the Prophecies and Prophetic Chronology Selected from Manuscripts of William Miller with a Memoir of His Life', William Miller's biography, Evidence from Scripture..., and Dissertations are here too. Joseph Bates' 'Second Advent Waymarks and High Heaps....' and 'The Early Life and Later Experience and Labors of Elder Joseph Bates' is also here to download. Lastly, James White's book on The Seven Trumpets of Revelation 8 and 9 is here too, to show how we must study to know that the 7 Trumpets have to be future events. Let's prepare now!
The original 1858 Great Controversy is also available in Japanese, Polish, Spanish, Russian, Nepali, Korean, Hindi, Bengali, Vietnamese, Tamil, Cebuano, Ilonggo, German, Malay, Georgian, Tagalog, Sinhala, Assamese, Ilocano, Romanian, Thai, Ukrainian, Khmer, Myanmar, Malagasy, Kannada, Armenian, and Chinese.
Some books are in RTF format, and everything is in PDF format (except Ukrainian and Malagasy in DOC format) so you should find a file type that you can open and read. Some fonts are available for downloading to display some of the rarely-seen language books. The webmaster will be happy to send any of these books by email if necessary. The webmaster wishes to thank the Sri Lankan brother in Canada who was persistent in getting the Sinhala version into PDF format, and the Romanian Brother who alerted me to the fact that i did not have the Malagasy version listed on this page for downloading even tho it was on my web site - may God bless you both abundantly! The long-desired Chinese version is by permission from the Chinese Union Mission.

@ (^-^).

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See webmaster's study on as yet unfulfilled prophecies in the original Great Controversy.
Download English RTF file here (102KB).
「大闘争」に書いてある、まだ実現されてない預言についてホームページの作成者が書いた (RTF 359KB)。

Called For Life PDF Free Download

As i personally scanned/typed all the old books by hand, and they are all before 1923, there are no copyright violations, and i make all these electronic books available to be copied or printed freely, with no copyright restrictions. The Great Controversy translations here were done with loving care by many people (including myself!) and are also free to use and copy for the glory of God, but i do reserve the right to refuse permission to anyone deemed to be working contrary to the glory of God. Any mention of in copied material would be appreciated. :)