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“Glennon embodies all that we want to be and fear we are not: she is authentic, funny, wise, loving, and resilient in the face of extraordinary challenges. But the magic of Carry On, Warrior is that by the time you finish the book, you realize you ARE all those things, and more. It is a book that actually makes you feel that you are loved and cherished. Has a book ever accomplished anything more marvelous than that?” –Vanessa Diffenbaugh, author of The Language of Flowers

Carry On, Warrior is a fierce, outrageous and laugh-out-loud book about emerging from addiction and living life at full-tilt.–Geneen Roth, author of Women, Food and God

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“Will melt your heart and inspire you in one fell swoop!” –

“Funny, honest, and brave, Glennon Melton joins the ranks of Anne Lamott, Sara Miles, and Barbara Brown Taylor by giving her readers a precious gift: permission–permission to doubt, permission to believe, permission to struggle, permission to laugh, permission to tell the truth, and permission to do it all imperfectly. Carry On, Warrior takes its place among the best of spiritual memoirs. It reads like a conversation with a close friend, but impacts the heart like an encounter with the divine.–Rachel Held Evans, author of Evolving in Monkey Town and A Year of Biblical Womanhood

Every once in a while, a writer turns up who is just that special. This is definitely the case with Glennon Doyle Melton. She’s a hit because everything she writes runs deep and true–and makes us laugh. Glennon’s like your favorite girlfriend: game to talk about anything, unafraid to take chances, and refreshingly honest about her past and present struggles.” –

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