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Jun 07, 2021 B.C. Government will honour Indigenous declaration to defer old-growth logging in Fairy Creek and Central Walbran by Charlie Smith on June 7th, 2021 at 4:08 PM 1 of 1 2 of 1. Aug 27, 2018 ancient times Ape asian bdsm bellyriding bitch boar bondage bull celebrity Centaur Coercion dirty dolphin donkey Dragon exhibitionism fairy tale Fantasy femdom first time goat goat ram gorilla historical humiliation incest lesbian lion male dog mare monkey non-consensual Pony rape reluctance Science Fiction sow stallion Tiger torture true story. Confessions of a Fairy’s Daughter is painful, tender, poignant and—most important—beautifully honest.” —Brian Francis, author of Natural Order “This exquisitely written and deeply compassionate memoir tells the story of a family and a nation at a turning point in their sexual and political awakening.

There appears to be a ceasefire of sorts in the latest war of the woods in B.C.

It came about as a result of the Hišuk ma c̕awak Declaration by elected and hereditary leaders of the Dididaht, Huu-ay-aht, and Pacheedaht First Nations on Vancouver Island.

They declared this morning that it's time for their 'principles, authority and responsibilities to be respected so that we can work for win-win stewardship solutions to heal our lands, our waters and our people for the benefit of our current and future generations'.

To do this, they called for a two-year moratorium on cutting down old-growth trees in the Fairy Creek and Central Walbran areas on southern Vancouver Island.

Premier John Horgan said that the government will honour the Hišuk ma c̕awak Declaration.

'Our government is committed to reconciliation,' Horgan said. 'True reconciliation means meaningful partnerships. I know the three Nations are ready to enter into these discussions in a spirit of good faith, and with a goal of achieving a mutually satisfactory resolution. Our government is as well.”

Teal-Jones Group, which has a provincial licence to harvest trees, is also going to abide by the declaration.

The Rainforest Flying Squad has been among those engaging in peaceful civil disobedience to stop the harvesting of ancient trees in the Fairy Creek area.

In a statement, it said that the premier's announcement 'does nothing to address the systemic crisis in the way our forests are managed'.

'Premier Horgan must act rapidly to defer logging across 1.3 million hectares of at-risk old growth identified by the Sierra Club of BC,' the group stated. 'The province must come to the table with conservation financing and economic alternatives for First Nations, and create a just transition to a second growth industry.

'Until these things happen, at the invitation of Elder Bill Jones, the Rainforest Flying Squad will continue to stand our ground to defence our last ancient forests.'

More than 150 people have been arrested in the protests so far. The movement to save old-growth trees in the area received a boost on June 3 when actor Mark Ruffalo urged his followers to support the blockade and sign a petition.

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Today’s confession comes from the gorgeous Linda, who confided in me almost 4 months ago. After a lot of gentle persuasion, she finally agreed to send me her confession for BF.


As I type this confession, I am 38 years old and I regularly engage in K9 intercourse. I have 2 handsome Rottweilers who know exactly how to satisfy me and it will always be a part of my lifestyle. As with all things, there is usually a defining moment or series of events in one’s life that leads to such a strange lifestyle choice, and it’s no different for me. My adoption of this lifestyle was triggered when I was 18 years old and was told to do something I really didn’t want to do.

My parents were nagging me to get a job or volunteer somewhere to get me out of their hair. I was done with school and had another 8 months before I would be going to college, so I guess I was somewhat of a handful as a result of boredom. I had no interest in spending my time busting tables or volunteering anywhere, so my father decided to take matters into his own hands. He came home one afternoon with news that made me very angry. He told me that we had a new home owner in our neighbourhood who had just moved in that day and she was recently widowed. I was quite uninterested, until he told me that he made her a promise that involved me. He told that lady that I was available to help her with getting her house unpacked and sorted and that I’d be at her door first thing the next morning. I told my dad to call her immediately and excuse me from his arrangement with her, but my dad put his foot down and insisted. I had no choice in the matter, so I went to bed very angry that night.

The following day, my mom woke me up and gave me breakfast before 9am. I was totally miserable, but I couldn’t argue with my mom since it was my dad’s fault. After getting ready, I made my way down the street, about a block and a half, until I was finally at the house I had to report to. Before I knocked on the door, the lady opened and we both got a fright. We giggled and then she invited me in. She told me her name is Mary and then introduced me to her Pitbull Jackson. He immediately made friends with me, so I had no reason to be afraid of him. He was actually really lovable. Mary made us each a cup of coffee and we got to know each other a little. She told me that her husband had recently passed away and that she bought the house with the money he left her. She told me that she was only 34 years old and I thought that was quite young to lose her husband. She teared up just a little and then changed the subject by asking about me. By the time we were ready to get started with unpacking, I felt a strange connection with Mary and was quite happy to be there to help. We chatted the entire day as we went about unpacking, laughing quite a bit as we constantly joked about everything. We actually had a good time that day, so I had no problem telling Mary I’d be back the next day again.

When I woke up the next morning, I saw a text from Mary. She said I shouldn’t have breakfast and should come over as soon as possible. I got ready as quick as I could and got to her home in no time. She didn’t even invite me in. She locked the door and ushered me to her car. We went to a nice restaurant and had an amazing breakfast, all the while chatting as if we’d been friends for a lifetime. I could tell that she truly enjoyed my company, so I had no concern that she was just trying and was actually miserable. She told me quite a bit about her deceased husband, so I shared my own personal life with her as well.

Mary: “I was quite nervous to move here, but now that I’ve met you I’m happy I did.”

Confessions Of A Fairy's Daughter PDF Free Download

In that moment I knew Mary and I were going to be good friends, even though there was a substantial age difference between us. When we left the restaurant, it was our intention to go back to Mary’s home to finish unpacking, but we ended up staying out the entire day, enjoying each other’s company and even watching a movie. It was dark by the time we got home and it made me wander how lonely she must feel at night, so I offered to stay longer.

Mary: “I want you to stay so we can chat some more, but if you’re only staying to keep me company, don’t worry, Jackson is the best company. He loves me to bits.”

She went on to convince me that she really wasn’t lonely, but I did stay for dinner and we had a good time. It took us more than a week to get her house sorted since we usually found an excuse to do something other than unpack, but eventually it was done and her home looked amazing. I kept going back, almost daily, to visit and it was always fun.

After a month or so, Mary and I had gotten to know each other very well and considered one another to be good friends. She even came over to have dinner with my family and everyone seemed to really like her. I decided one day to simply show up at her house without letting her know. As I was about to knock on the door, I herd her moan and it was obviously sexual in nature. I giggled as I listened at the door and the thought of her masturbating was quite a turn on.

Mary: “Oh god… yes… yes… oh fuck…”

She was clearly climaxing and it made my body want to do the same. When she finally went quiet, I knocked on the door. She asked who it was, so I told her and laughed out loud. She giggled, knowing that I had heard her.

Mary: “Just give me a moment to get some clothes on.”

When she opened the door, she was blushing with a guilty smile on her face. We laughed and she invited me in. There wasn’t a guy in her house, so she obviously gave herself the orgasm I heard from outside.

Me: “That sounded… quite nice.”

Mary: “It was thank you. I try to have one at least once a week.”

We laughed again and our conversation remained focused on sex. We were comfortable enough with each other by now that it was easy to talk about sex. When she asked how regularly I masturbate, I told her without hesitation. We spoke about the guys we’d been with before and what we enjoyed about sex, dick sizes, pathetic lovers and amazing ones. I could only talk about 2 guys, but she had been with a couple more, so she had a bit more to share. She often looked at Jackson while she spoke about sex, which seemed strange but didn’t register for me. There was an awkward silence after she mentioned her husband, but she took a breath and told me that she still needed an orgasm at least once a week. She looked at Jackson again when she said that, and it made me wonder if there was anything to it, but it seemed impossible, so I dismissed the thought. Since that day, we often spoke or joked about sex and Mary and I were truly close friends.

One day, Mary invited me over for a movie night. We started drinking as soon as I got there, so we were in very high spirits. When we put the comedy on that Mary rented, we barely watched as we couldn’t stop chatting. The second movie was a little more serious and it had a few sex scenes in it. We both went silent when sex was on the screen and continued chatting between those types of scenes.

Mary: “I guess we’re both more interested in the sex than anything else.”


Me: “Yeah. The problem is now I’m turned on…”


There was a brief silence and then we both started laughing.

Mary: “Don’t feel bad. I’m horny too.”

Mary got up and went to her room to get something. When she came back, she ejected the movie we were watching and put in the one she got from her room. She smiled at me as she sat down and hit the play button on the remote. It was immediately clear that it was a porno.

Mary: “I hope you don’t mind. Since we’re both feeling horny, I thought we could watch this instead.”

I smiled and told her I liked her idea, so we both focused on the TV and watched the actors build up to the first sex scene. It was strange that we both felt so comfortable to watch a porno together like that, but it simply confirmed that we were truly friends. When the actors finally began to tear each other’s clothes off, we both watched eagerly and I felt my body react with stiffening nipples and my pussy getting wet. It was quite a hardcore scene that had us both breathing heavy.

Mary: “Well… that got me going.”

Me: “Me too.”

As pornos go, we didn’t have to wait long for the next sex scene to begin. When I glanced over at Mary, I saw her press her hand between her legs to apply some pressure to her pussy. She was engrossed in the scene, so I saw her squeeze her breast too without her knowing. I was touching myself too by that point, so when Mary glanced at me, she saw me looking at her and what I was doing. She smiled and turned her attention back to the TV. I did the same and felt even more turned on than before.

Mary: “I am that point where I usually get comfortable and start… you know.”

Me: “I’m there too.”

Mary was still staring at the TV, thinking.

Mary: “Would it be too weird if I helped myself out while we watch?”

Me: “As long as you don’t mind if I do the same.”

Mary shoved her hand into her waistband and began to finger her clit, so I did the same. She skipped ahead to the next sex scene and our breathing intensified. I could feel my orgasm growing and wondered if I would pop before Mary, but she suddenly stopped and stood up.

Mary: “I can’t do this.”

Me: “Shit, um… I’m sorry.”

Mary: “Oh, no. I mean I can’t do this with clothes on.”

She took her clothes off and sat back down, spreading her legs wide open to continue masturbating with more ease and comfort. She glanced at me for a second and cocked her head to gesture that I should do the same. I watched her hand work her pussy for a few seconds and then got naked too. She looked me over and then returned her focus to the screen, so I started masturbating too. Before the scene was over, Mary began to quiver and moan loudly. I couldn’t stop myself from watching her instead of the movie. Seeing her orgasm was so hot that I began to climax too and she watched me through her climax too. When it was finally over, we looked at each other as we breathed heavily and then began to laugh.

Mary: “I’ve never done anything like this with another woman before. It’s quite exciting.”

Me: “Me neither, but I loved it.”

Since that day we had another session like that again and we agreed that we liked masturbating together but weren’t really interested in being sexual with one another. Mary said she loved being watched for some reason, but I don’t really know why I enjoyed it so much.

Another month went by with us acting like normal friends, until one afternoon when I received a text from Mary.

Mary’s text: “I think we need another porno night.”

My reply: “Agreed… Tonight?”

Mary’s text: “Yip. I got a gift for you.”

I was rather excited, so I went to her place as soon as I could. We started with 2 glasses of wine each and got into a really good mood. When I told Mary I was ready to get things going, she gave me the gift she mentioned. When I opened it, I went red from head to toe when I saw that it was a dildo. She laughed at me and asked if I was going to use it in front of her. She pulled her own dildo out of the bag and waved it at me.

Mary: “I’m going to.”

We giggled and then made out way to her living room, stripping on the way. She popped in a new porno and we got ready to test out our new toys. Mary had her dildo in her pussy even before the first sex scene and I loved watching her insert it. She stared at my dildo with great expectation, so I shoved it in for her to see. There was a lot of moaning from that point forward and it was great fun to watch each other cum.

Confessions Of A Fairy' S Daughter Pdf free. download full

Me: “I thought you said you already have a dildo, so why get a new one?”

She hesitated before answering.

Mary: “Oh, my other one is a bit weird. Didn’t want to scare you.”

That got me very interested, so I annoyed her until she finally gave in and went to her room to get it. When she came back, she kept it behind her back.

Mary: “Okay… don’t freak out when you see it.”

She showed it to me and I was confused.

Me: “Why’s it look like that? It’s all red and funny looking. Is it supposed to be an alien cock or something?”

Mary: “Something like that.”

Me: “It’s weird, but that doesn’t freak me out.”

Mary glanced at Jackson and then back at me. I did not connect the dots yet. She slid her odd dildo into her pussy and looked at me smiling.

Mary: “I much prefer how this cock feels to the way a man’s does.”

We had already climaxed, so she was just enjoying the feeling of her strange dildo. When she looked at Jackson again, I looked down at him too and noticed his cock was pocking out. That’s when I realized that his cock was the same colour as her dildo, but not quite as big.

Me: “Oh my god… is that supposed to be a dog cock?”

Mary chuckled and looked me in the eye.

Mary: “And what if it is?”

She shoved it all the way into her pussy as she said that, and it appeared to be a delightful thought to her.

Me: “Oh well, I guess it’s just a dildo.”

The naughty look on Mary’s face indicated that there was more to this story. I began to laugh, not knowing how else to react. She withdrew her dildo and threw it at me. When I caught it, I looked at it in my hands.

Confessions Of A Fairy Daughter

Mary: “That’s almost exactly what Jackson’s cock looks like when he gets hard.”

I gasped and continued to laugh, but it seemed to be less of a joke the more she spoke. Mary just stared at me with a wicked smile and said nothing further. I eventually stopped laughing and realized that she wasn’t joking at all. She was almost bragging.

Me: “No way…”

Mary: “Yes way… Jackson’s cock looks just like this. If you want, I can prove it.”

Me: “Mary! I can’t tell if you’re joking or not…”

Mary: “How about this… 3 years ago, my husband brought Jackson home from a rescue centre. He was used in a dog fight and was badly injured before my husband adopted him. It took a while, but my husband got him rehabilitated and properly trained, so Jackson became a part of our family and we both loved him to bits. Anyway… one day my husband and I were having sex in the living room and he finished first. We sat next to each other to give him a moment to catch his breath, but his cock was going soft and really wanted to cum. That’s when Jackson walked towards us and stood between my feet. My husband and I looked at each other and said nothing. My husband tapped on my pussy and called Jackson to come closer. I didn’t move, keeping my legs spread as watched Jackson move in. He started licking my pussy and my husband was smiling from ear to ear, so I just let Jackson continue. He did such a good job that he gave me a good orgasm and my husband and I just loved it. That’s when my husband told me he wondered if Jackson would fuck me. I didn’t do or say anything. I just watched my husband try convince Jackson to get up between my legs. It looked like there was no way he would do it, but he suddenly jumped up between my legs and I felt his cock stab my pussy lips a few times…”

I just sat there with a gaping mouth in stunned silence.

Mary: “… Even though I was okay with letting it happen, Jackson just couldn’t quite hit the spot, so he got down and licked my pussy again. He suddenly got up again and I felt his cock thrust into me. He started fucking me so fast and hard that I thought I was hallucinating. His cock got very big inside my pussy and it started giving me so much pleasure that I began to moan. Before I knew it, Jackson was giving me another amazing orgasm that was topped off with a feeling that can only be experienced when he shoved his knot inside me. I climaxed so hard that I squeezed my husband’s hand hard enough to hurt him.”

Mary went silent and just watched me process. I could tell that she was a bit nervous that telling me had ruined our friendship, but she was hopeful too. My own response was almost as shocking as her confession.

Me: “Now that’s something I have to see.”

Mary smiled and got down on all fours. She looked back at Jackson and made a short whistle. Jackson rushed at her rear and started licking her ass and pussy from behind. I stood up to get a better view and found myself completely turned on by what I was witnessing.

Mary: “Fuck me boy.”

Jackson mounted her rear and began jabbing frantically. In total shock and amazement, I watched his cock find Mary’s pussy and then he began to fuck her like i’ve never seen. I just stood there with my hands over my mouth, looking down at my friend as she groaned in pleasure while her dog jackhammered her pussy. It only went on for about 2 minutes and then she spoke.

Mary: “This is the best part.”

Jackson shoved his swollen knot into her pussy and she orgasmed like never before. It was the weirdest thing I had ever seen, but also the hottest. As quick as it started, it was suddenly still. Jackson was twitching on her back, but he stopped humping her.

Mary: “Now he’s pumping his hot cum inside me… oh god I love it…”

Jackson was panting really loud and Mary lowered her chest to the floor to rest.

Mary: “This is called a tie. He’ll be stuck inside me for about a minute.”

I kneeled next to them and watched in silence. I think I squealed when I watched Jackson get off her though. Seeing such a swollen cock get ripped out of her was unbelievable. She rolled onto her back and Jackson started licking himself.

Mary: “He’s done with me now.”

Confessions Of A Fairy' S Daughter Pdf Free Download Windows 10

I looked at he face and all I saw was complete satisfaction and joy. When I looked at her pussy I watched some of Jackson’s cum seep out.

Mary: “So… What you think?”

Me: “I wish I had the guts to try that.”

Mary: “Awesome… Next time he can fuck you then.”

I didn’t think I’d actually go for it, but Mary kept me turned on by telling me about all the times Jackson fucked her and how amazing it was. She included as much detail as possible to keep me wanting.

Mary: “Oh look who’s back for more.”

When I saw Jackson walk in, my heart was thumping so hard I’m sure Mary could hear it. Mary put her hand on my chest and made me lean back on the sofa. She pushed my knees apart and Jackson immediately got between them. Before I even had a second to think about it, Jackson began to lick my pussy and my body jolted from the incredible sensation. I found it difficult to control my breathing as I was still struggling with the fact that it was happening. With every swipe of his tongue, I relaxed a little more until all I felt was pure enjoyment and I could finally breathe. I moaned as his tongue split my pussy lips, dipped into my hole and rasped over my clit.

Mary: “You see… this can only be understood once experienced.”

I could feel that Jackson was going to give me an orgasm and when I fully gave into what was happening, it seemed like my climax would hit any second.

Mary: “I think it’s time you felt him fuck you.”

Mary instructed Jackson to get up as she tapped on my belly. He did what he was told and began to hump between my legs. Mary got behind him and put her hand between his legs. I felt his cock touch my pussy and realized that she was guiding him. Suddenly, Jackson thrust forward hard and I felt his cock penetrate. I went rigid for a moment, but soon I relaxed again and allowed myself to enjoy the feeling of his fast fucking cock as it swelled inside me and began to stretch me out. When his cock was fully engorged, my pussy was stretched as far as it could and it felt incredible. As I began to climax, Jackson shoved his knot in and I hit an all-time sexual high. I never imagined that I could get such an epic orgasm from a dog. My entire body shook violently as I groaned out loud.

Mary: “Now that’s what I’m talking about.”

I had never taken so long to come down from an orgasm before. Jackson was resting on my chest and his cock was firmly knotted inside my pussy. Mary had a very pleased look on her face and I felt drained of all energy, but also completely satisfied. After a little while, Jackson got down and dislodged his cock, leaving quite a void inside me. There was no doubt in my mind that this was something I would be doing again.

Confessions Of A Fairy' S Daughter Pdf Free Download Free

Confessions Of A Fairy's Daughter PDF Free Download

There were quite a few more visits to Mary’s home after that night and some of those visits included sex with Jackson. Eventually, Mary left the country and we stayed in contact by email and video chat. Though my college years, I wasn’t able to find a dog to have sex with again and my parents did not want to get me one. When I finally graduated, I made sure my first home had a small garden and I adopted a German Shepard from the rescue centre. In a matter of weeks, my new boy was fully participating in sexual fun with me. I lived and worked for those moments when I could go home to be with him. When he passed away, I was devastated. Not because I lost my sexual partner, but because I truly loved my pet and missed him terribly.

Without the responsibility of a pet to come home to, I got into the habit of traveling quite often. This allowed me to discover more about my sexual preferences. During a trip to a beautiful ranch in Texas, I began to wonder if I could bring myself to fool around with a horse when I saw how big their cocks get. I decided to sneak into the stables at night to find out. Once I was sure that I was completely alone, I found a smaller horse that was calm and friendly. I was wearing a skirt without underwear to make it easy to fool around and just as easy to cover up if there was an interruption. The horse I chose simply stood still when I began to play with his cock and I got his cock excited with ease. Seeing it so close up, in my own hands was very exciting, but I doubted that I’d ever get it into my pussy. I decided to just play with it and see if I could make him cum, but the more I played, the hornier I got. I was so turned on that I sucked on the tip of his cock and rubbed it between my pussy lips, but eventually I needed to at least try get it inside me. I shifted a bale of hey closer and got onto my back. I put that horse cock at my pussy entrance and did my best to wiggle it in. To my surprise and delight, I managed to stuff that cock inside me, so I worked it in my pussy and gave myself a satisfying orgasm. When I was done, I played with that cock until I finally got my stud to cum. It was a magnificent experience.

Knowing that my sexual interest could be explored further, I made sure to always take trips to locations where animals would be in the vicinity and accessible. I managed to have sex with quite a few different dogs and two more horses, but I was never in a position to try with any other species. These days I have two Rottweiler brothers who have learned to have fun with me in every way imaginable.

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