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Loaded Guns… How To Get Huge Biceps

Tom Venuto

Larry Scott, who won the first Mr. Olympia in 1965, had some of the best biceps in Bodybuilding history. In fact, his biceps, triceps and deltoids were so huge, full and round, with long, sweeping muscle bellies, that you would surely say, “Genetics… the guy is gifted… pure mesomorph.”

Not so. If you get Larry’s Book, “Loaded Guns,” (Belongs on the bookshelf of every serious, self-respecting bodybuilder), and look at the pictures of him as a teenager and even into his early 20’s, you would definitely say, “skinny guy… ectomorph… no future.” So how did he get so HUGE?

The man is gifted all right… gifted in the HARD WORK ETHIC department. THAT is what impresses me so much about Larry Scott. It’s one thing to have 20+” arms if you’re a genetic freak, it’s another thing to become Mr. Olympia and build the world’s best biceps when you’re born an ecto with narrow shoulders… and to do it in an era when a few D-bol tabs were all the “assistance” most of the top guys were using (or do it completely natural!)

I also admire Scott because he was such a dedicated student who studied everything about anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. He knew the exact insertion and origin points of every muscle and could explain the function of each one in the most exacting detail. He was also one of Vince Gironda’s most prized pupils. Anyone who “graduated” from “the school” of Vince’s Gym (without getting “expelled” by a boot in the rear end), came out of there with some serious inside information.

Many years ago, I came across an article in Robert Kennedy’s Muscle Mag International about Larry Scott’s “Favorite Bicep Routine.” As you may know, Scott made the preacher curl bench so famous, it often goes by the name, the “Scott Curl bench.” No surprise, Larry’s favorite bicep routine was done entirely on the Scott bench; three exercises tri-setted for 6 reps per exercise.

The first time I used the routine, I’ll never forget it… partially because of the excruciating pain (both during and after!), but mostly because I gained a 1/2 an inch on my cold arm measurement in 4 weeks. Ever since then, I’ve come back to this routine at least once a year for 4-6 weeks. It never fails to give a spurt of growth.

Incidentally, this style of arm training is uncannily similar to what Charles Poliquin recommends. “Winning The Arms Race” is another MUST HAVE book on your bodybuilding library shelves. Poliquin is not only one of the top strength coaches in the world, the guy has a set of GUNS on him like you wouldn’t believe. I love a guy who practices what he preaches. Poliquin preaches (and obviously practices) lots of supersets and TRI-Sets… lots of heavy work in the 6 rep range… lots of work on the brachialis muscle (e.g., reverse curls)… hmmm… is there something to this?

I was so impressed with the Scott Curl TRI-SET routine, that I rated it FIVE STARS and added it to my archive of 5-star workouts. I’ll talk more about my 5-star workouts in future logs, for now, check out today’s workout (notes on exercise performance to follow).


A1 Smith Machine Incline Press
4 Sets X 185 lbs X 12 reps, 11 reps, 10 reps X 4030 (slow reps with continuous tension, speed up slightly for last few reps)
A2 Incline Dumbbell Flyes
4 sets X 40 lbs X 12 reps, 11 reps, 10 reps X 4031 (slow reps with continuous tension, 1 second “squeeze” at the top)
*Only 30-45 seconds rest after flyes; repeat superset total of 4 times
B1 Decline Bench cable Flyes (Gironda Style)
3 sets X 50 lbs X 12 reps, 10 reps, 10 reps X 4021 tempo
B2 High cable crossovers (from low pulley)
3 sets X 50 lbs X 10 reps, 10 reps, 10 reps X 3021 tempo
B3 Incline Dumbbell Presses, Neutral Grip (palms facing)
3 sets X 60 lbs X 10 reps, 10 reps, 8 reps, X 3011 tempo

Lives Like Loaded Guns Pdf free. download full


A1 2 Dumbbell Preacher Bench Curl (loose form)
3 sets X 40 lbs X 6 reps + 4 burns at top X 2110 tempo
A2 Straight Barbell Preacher Bench Curl (strict form)
3 sets X 75 lbs X 6 reps + 4 burns at top X 3121 tempo
A3 EZ Bar Reverse Preacher Bench Curl (loose form)
3 sets X 75 lbs X 6 reps + 4 burns at top, X 2110 tempo


A1 Wrist Curl Heavy (Olympic straight barbell)
3 sets X 155 lbs X 15 reps, 12 reps, 10 reps
A2 barbell figertip wrist curl (roll down to fingertips)
3 sets X 95 lbs X 10 reps, 10 reps, 8 reps
A3 Reverse EZ Bar Curl
3 sets X 85 lbs X 6, drop to 75 lbs X 6, drop to 65 lbs X 6

Workout Commentary

Because of a pec injury last year, (tell you about it later), I’ve had to change my chest training dramatically this year. At my best, I was a 315 X 6 bencher, and could handily throw the 120’s around for 8-12 reps on flat or even incline Dumbbell bench presses. Won’t be doing that this year. No worries though; you can’t let things like this stop you, you simply have to be adaptable.


I’ve been forced to adapt and find ways to make much lighter weights “feel” heavy. It’s really not difficult, it just hurts the ego a bit not to be able to move the heavy iron any more on chest day. I’m getting over it. After all, I’m not a powerlifter, I’m a bodybuilder. There’s something inside every bodybuilder that years for strength, not just looks, but you REALLY have to be careful with lifting for ego - it’s HOW you can get hurt in the first place.

The methods I use to get effective chest workouts without very heavy weights include:

Lives Like Loaded Guns Pdf Free Download For Windows 7

  • High density training (more work in less time, reduced rest intervals)
  • Supersets
  • Tri-sets
  • Continuous tension
  • Peak contractions (“squeeze” during every repetition)
  • Descending sets
  • High reps, less resistance
  • Posing & flexing
  • And a lot more

I’ve also modified my chest training to avoid extreme stretching in exercises like dumbbell flyes, and when I do go moderately heavy, I pull back my range of motion to only a 3/4 or 4/5 rep. I’m also emphasizing incline exercises as they seem to be easier on the now sensitive pec-delt area.

I started with Incline smith machine presses supersetted into incline dumbbell flyes. What made this very challenging with such light weights is that I hardly rested between supersets. 30 seconds on the first two rounds, and only about 40-45 seconds on the second two.

Then it was on to a tri-set of decline cable flyes into high cable flyes from low pulley (pulling up cable handles from low position up in front of face), then into incline dumbbell presses with the palms facing grip.

Believe me, this got the job done, without having to bring out the heavy iron. If you don’t believe me, try packing 17 sets for chest into about 23 or 24 minutes.

Then it was on to that wicked 5 star bicep routine:

The first exercise was heavy dumbbell preacher curls on a standing (not seated) preacher bench. This was the first workout, so I didn’t go mega heavy, only 40lbs, but I will be building up the poundage over the next few sessions, probably bringing out the magnetic plate mates if necessary (Larry Scott said that he used 60-70 pound dumbbells on these). The key is to lower the weight under control, totally straighten out your arm and uncurl your wrist (slowly and carefully so you don’t hyperextend your elbow), then you can use some body English if necessary to semi-cheat the weight up. After 6 reps, you do 4 partial reps (burns) at the top half of the range of motion.

Lives Like Loaded Guns Pdf Free Download Torrent

With no rest, I grabbed a straight barbell (already pre-loaded with 75 lbs) and went right back onto the preacher bench for 6 reps. These are done with your arms completely on the bench, all the way up to your armpits, with very strict form for 6 reps and 4 burns.

Then it’s onto the 3rd exercise in the tri-set, EZ curl bar reverse curls, also on the preacher bench. These are done heavy with a little bit of cheating, just like the dumbbell curls, for 6 reps and 4 burns.

That completes ONE tri-set and you get about 90 seconds of rest and relief before doing it again. The objective is to complete 3-5 tri sets and then you’re done for biceps. Nothing else. I was smoked after 3 today. It’s the equivalent of 9 sets.

This is NOT an easy routine to do properly. If you follow the instructions Scott gives regarding proper form on each exercise, the pain is more intense than just about any program I’ve ever done, (except maybe Gironda’s triple-compound superset, which is 6 exercises in a row… don’t ask… you don’t want to go there!)

Finished up with forearms and got what must have been the best pump I have ever had in my lower arms. You would have thought there was a bowling pin implanted in there! HEAVY wrist curls, followed by light wrist curls with the bar rolled all the way down to the fingertips (killer), followed by reverse EZ bar curls…. Which are then drop-setted (yeah, I know… I’m insane and masochistic… don’t try this at home kids… )

Cardio today was 30 minutes again, level 6 & 7 on stairmaster, 429 calories. Coming soon… I’ll tell you about my diet… AND… this week… Mike and I will start posting training pics… live from the gym… real time!

Published on 25 June, 2005