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“My Adventures with God is a delight.Stephen Tobolowsky has crafted a series of true stories that wrestle with a big idea: how belief shapes our lives. Funny, smart, and moving, this is a wonderful account of our relationship with the unknowable.”—Susan Orlean, New York Times bestselling author of The Orchid Thief and Rin Tin Tin. Access-restricted-item true Addeddate 2010-02-09 21:33:53 Bookplateleaf 0002 Boxid IA111613 Camera Canon 5D Donor alibris External-identifier urn:oclc:record.

Learning Hebrew is impossible for me. I have tried for years. There appear to be no rules, or at least no rules understandable to people who don’t already know Hebrew. Linguistically, it’s like watching roller derby for the first time. I thought my brain might be more receptive to verbs if I ate falafel while conjugating, so my wife and I went to a Middle Eastern restaurant to study.

A woman walked past us on her way to her table. She overheard us going over vocabulary. She stopped and asked, “Excuse me, are you Jewish?”

“Yes,” I said.

She pulled up a chair and sat down. She said there was a woman she knew, Hannah Molder, whom she believed was Jewish. She was ill. She might not survive the week. She was wondering if there was a special prayer that could be said for her. I told her there was. There were services at my synagogue Monday and Thursday mornings at seven thirty, and on Saturdays. During these services there is a moment when we pray for the ill.

“Do you go to these services?” the woman asked.

“I try to—when I’m not working,” I said.

“Are you working tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow?” I asked.

“Yes. Tomorrow is Thursday. Are you going to services?”

“Well, I . . .”

“If you were, perhaps you could say a prayer for Hannah Molder?”

I had planned on sleeping in, but there was something in her request that inspired me to make the effort. “Sure. Not a problem,” I said.

The next day, I got up early and went to the synagogue. After the Torah reading, I stood up and said Hannah Molder’s name at the appropriate time. The rest of the service I wondered who she was and if she was getting better. I wondered if my prayer mattered.


The following Monday, I made a pot of coffee and sat down to read the paper. Then, I thought of this faceless person, Hannah Molder. I got dressed and went to services and said her name. As the weeks went by, I kept going.

That was over a year ago. I still feel the obligation to stand and say Hannah Molder’s name. I don’t know who she is, if she is well, or if she even survived that critical week.

I understand that to some, my prayer for Hannah Molder might seem simple-minded. Superstitious. Sort of like shooting a drawing of a man and a woman and our location in the galaxy into space—as Carl Sagan did in 1972 and 1973 on the Pioneer 10 and 11 spacecrafts. Both operate under the same theory: Even if the heavens are empty, a prayer provides its own echo.

I prayed for Hannah Molder because I thought it mattered. Not because I knew Hannah, but because I knew God.

Whatever God is.

When you are telling a story about God you have an inherent difficulty. It is not the problem of belief. It is a problem with nouns.

We rely on nouns to get through the day. Most nouns are easy to grasp like breakfast, work, and children. Some are not as concrete, for example, love. We know what love is. We believe in it. We believe in it even though it can’t be weighed or measured. We believe in it even though it can’t be seen. No constant image comes to mind. When I hear the word love I will occasionally see my mother’s face, or my wife Ann’s, or my children, Robert and William. We change our meaning of love throughout the day without giving it the slightest thought. Inconsistency isn’t the downfall of love. It is its defining characteristic.

There are more elusive nouns than love. Birth and death. We only know these as witnesses. The former we experience through our children, the latter through our parents.

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My Adventures with God
AuthorStephen Tobolowsky
PublisherSimon & Schuster
Publication date
April 18, 2017

My Adventures with God is a 2017 memoir by Stephen Tobolowsky. Kirkus Reviews said the first half of the book was 'an uneven Hollywood memoir' prior to Tobolowsky's 'sudden return to traditional Judaism' in the 1990s, when the work 'gains more gravity'.[1]Publishers Weekly called it a 'well told must-read' with stories based in Tobolowsky's Jewish Texan identity and a 'unique Pentateuch narrative arc' of his life.[2] A positive Jewish Book Council review said that it displayed 'friendly scholarship, serious intent, and occasional desperation of an exemplary seeker' with 'light doses of Torah and Talmud'.[3] The memoir also covers Tobolowsky's 'somewhat un-Jewish upbringing in Dallas — he went to Sunday school throughout most of his childhood, sometimes more than once per week'.[4]


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