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I'm amazed that CUs are still routinely doing no-AF/FTF/BT fee cards, but there are cracks forming in that wall, too. The biggest credit unions have started doing balance transfer fees, in particular, and a couple of the smaller ones around me have added in FTFs. Type-S (ASTM C270) should be used for all NSVI stone products unless drystacking (i.e. Ledgestone Collection). Consistency of mortar mix is important. If too wet or too dry, mortar will not adhere to stone or sub-strate surface properly. It should stick to the trowel. NSVI recommends adding. Acrylic bonding agent.


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  • WALL OR WINDOW TOO HOT/COLD INSIDE WALL TOO HOT/COLD COPIER TOO NEAR EQUIPMENT OR DOORWAY GOOD LOCATION GOOD LOCATION GOOD LOCATION INSTALLATION WIRING 1. Locate the device in an area away from ventilation sources and heat generating equipment and appliances. The device should be mounted at light switch height in a vertical orientation.
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“too different, too off the wall, too bizarre” (Lloyd, 2005) she was willing to try anything, and she achieved amazingly quick relief. She released her hopelessness and desperation, feeling for the first time that there was hope for her. She felt changes not only in her body, but also in her thinking.

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'One of the greatest escape stories I've ever read' Mail on Sunday An ordinary man's extraordinary escape from Mao's brutal labour camps Xu Hongci was an ordinary medical student when he was incarcerated under Mao's regime and forced to spend years of his youth in China's most brutal labour camps. Three times he tried to escape. And three times he failed. But, determined, he eventually broke free, travelling the length of China, across the Gobi desert, and into Mongolia. It was one of the greatest prison breaks of all time, during one of the worst totalitarian tragedies of the 20th Century. This is the extraordinary memoir of his unrelenting struggle to retain dignity, integrity and freedom; but also the untold story of what life was like for ordinary people trapped in the chaos of the Cultural Revolution.