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Early on the morning of September 3, Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, and William Temple Franklin rode into Paris carrying four official copies of the treaty that would end the War for American Independence.3 Joined by Adams, they convened at Hartley’s chambers at the Hôtel de York. There the texts were reviewed, and the two secretaries—William Temple Franklin and George Hammond—attested the copies of the commissions that would be appended to them. At half past ten o’clock, the four principals signed the treaties and affixed their seals “with the most perfect cordiality on both sides,” as Hartley wrote. Cordiality may have reigned, but this was not the treaty any of them had hoped for.

Hartley assured the Americans that morning, on Fox’s behalf, that all the points that had been under consideration since the previous spring and any others they might wish to raise would be “immediately resumed in negotiation.”4 In the meantime, they were signing essentially the same document they had signed on November 30, 1782.5 The nine articles of the provisional treaty were retained nearly verbatim, the chief difference being the shift of a portion of text from the end of Article 1 to the beginning of Article 2, where it belonged thematically. The British added a tenth article stipulating standard terms for ratification and dropped the separate article concerning the borders of West Florida. Fox had worried that the Americans would object to the crown’s priority in the preamble he supplied, but they did not.6

Another matter of protocol which caused concern on both sides was the question of gifts. Fox knew that royal portraits were out of the question, but he thought it would not be excessive to present each of the four American peace commissioners with the sum of £1,000 sterling that was customary for a sole ambassador. Manchester and Hartley recommended that each commissioner receive half that sum, for a total of £2,000. Hartley promised to broach the subject with Franklin. As the American commissioners had no means to reciprocate and did not wish to insult the king by refusing, they were in a quandary. “So much was said against it,” according to Adams’ later account, “that we never saw the presents and heard no more about them.”7

Once the treaties were signed, the commissioners dispatched a messenger to Versailles, as Vergennes had requested.8 The British and Spanish ambassadors and their secretaries convened at Vergennes’ chambers between noon and one o’clock to sign their own treaties. (The preliminary Anglo-Dutch treaty had been signed the previous day.) That business was concluded at three o’clock in the afternoon, after which Vergennes hosted a dinner for those who had been involved in all four negotiations. There were 31 at table.9

None of the American commissioners left descriptions of the evening’s celebration, other than Adams’ recollection 30 years later that they traveled to Versailles in company with Hartley and “dined amidst mutual congratulations.”1 Franklin anticipated the day’s events with a degree of resignation. When informing Henry Laurens, he wrote that after so many frustrating months, “it is come finally to this.” When Laurens wrote to Congress, he expressed regret at the outcome. Adams was overtly gloomy when writing to his wife the day after the signing: “We have negotiated here, these Six Months for nothing.” Jay said nothing of his disappointment when writing to Robert Morris, but did offer a reflection. “We are now thank God in the full Possession of Peace and Independence,” he wrote. “If we are not a happy People now, it will be our own Fault.”2

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Between January and July 1919, after “the struggle to finish all wars,” women and men from round the world converged on Paris to form the peace. Middle stage, for the first time in historical past, was an American president, Woodrow Wilson, who together with his Fourteen Factors appeared to vow to so many individuals the achievement of their goals. Stern, intransigent, impatient when it got here to safety considerations and wildly idealistic in his dream of a League of Nations that may resolve all future battle peacefully, Wilson is just one of the bigger-than-life characters who fill the pages of this extraordinary book. David Lloyd George, the gregarious and wily British prime minister, introduced Winston Churchill and John Maynard Keynes. Lawrence of Arabia joined the Arab delegation. Ho Chi Minh, a kitchen assistant at the Ritz, submitted a petition for an unbiased Vietnam.
For six months, Paris was successfully the center of the world as the peacemakers carved up bankrupt empires and created new nations. This book brings to life the personalities, beliefs, and prejudices of the males who formed the settlement. They pushed Russia to the sidelines, alienated China, and dismissed the Arabs. They struggled with the issues of Kosovo, of the Kurds, and of a homeland for the Jews.
The peacemakers, so it has been stated, failed dismally; above all they failed to stop one other conflict. Margaret MacMillan argues that they’ve unfairly been made the scapegoats for the errors of those that got here later. She refutes acquired concepts about the path from Versailles to World Warfare II and debunks the extensively accepted notion that reparations imposed on the Germans have been largely answerable for the Second World Warfare.
A landmark work of narrative historical past, Paris 1919 is the first full-scale remedy of the Peace Convention in additional than twenty-5 years. It provides a scintillating view of these dramatic and fateful days when a lot of the trendy world was sketched out, when nations have been created—Iraq, Yugoslavia, Israel—whose troubles hang-out us nonetheless.

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