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Rhythm ride pdf free download pc

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Teachers, these resources are available to you as visual support for the lessons I teach in Professional Development clinics. I designed the majority of these resources, but also appreciate the generosity of some other clinicians for allowing me to share some of their lesson materials with you here on my website.

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RideFree rhythm songs
  • Can Can Parachute
  • Boompipe Recipe
  • Singing Scarf Sample PDF
  • Statues - Statues cards
  • RhythmFlash Cards - (Teachers - please delete pattern 16, unless you need a 5/4 card! :)
    Copy PDF file onto cardstock and laminate. Rhythms are placed two to a card.
  • Reward Strips- Teachers, print these Reward Strips onto colorful copy paper and cut out. Celebrate a child's success by paper-clipping a Reward Strip onto their collar to wear home. Ask the class to join you in a cheer for the student!
  • Essential Skills - Teachers, this is a very concise, easy-to-implement Essential Skills Checklist from Seminole County Public Schools, the system in which I teach. Keeping track of which concepts/skills we've taught, and how they were delivered is very helpful in making sure that we accomplish our goals in the short amount of time we have with the students each year.

Rhythm Ride PDF Free Download


Rhythm Ride Pdf Free Download For Windows 7

1) Lie flat on your belly. 2) Bend your arms and rest your palms on the floor on either side of your chest. 3) Inhale and squeeze your shoulders up to your ears. 4) Exhale and press your hands down while straightening your arms, bringing your torso and legs up off the floor as if you were doing a half push-up. From Berry Gordy and his remarkable vision to the Civil Rights movement, from the behind-the-scenes musicians, choreographers, and song writers to the most famous recording artists of the century, Andrea Davis Pinkney takes readers on a Rhythm Ride through the story of Motown.