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(rō-zhā′, rō′zhā), Jean-MichelPeter Mark 1779-1869.
British physician and scholar who compiled the Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases (1852).

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Roget's Thesaurus Of English Words And Phrases PDF Free Download


(ˈrɒʒeɪ) n
(Biography) Peter Mark. 1779–1869, English physician, who on retirement devised a Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases (1852), a classified list of synonyms
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(roʊˈʒeɪ, ˈroʊ ʒeɪ)
Peter Mark, 1779–1869, English physician and author of a thesaurus.
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Noun1.Roget - English physician who in retirement compiled a well-known thesaurus (1779-1869)
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