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SoundMan-Server is a Virtual Sound System (VSS) Audio Engine API software which configures and programs in real time with almost unlimited capabilities. It replaces most traditional audio system components and license cost is directly proportional to the scope of the application. The basic configuration is free.

The download contains the main SoundMan suite of software. Without a license dongle this runs in Free/Demo mode which provides two live inputs, two outputs and four playbacks.

IMPORTANT: REQUIRES a processor with MMX and SSE instruction sets! Requires SoundMan-Monitor which must be downloaded below and installed in the same folder. Also required for licensed operation are ASIO audio interfaces connected to the computer with a sufficient number of inputs and outputs. ASIO4ALL drivers are sufficient for this purpose.

Recommended computer setup
Download SoundMan-Server Release Notes (pdf format)
Download SoundMan-Monitor Release Notes (pdf format)
Download SoundMan-Server Production License Agreement (pdf format)
SoundMan-Monitor captures the combined log messages from both SoundMan-Server and SoundMan-Assistant.

Free SoundMan-Assistant Software

SoundMan-Assistant is automatically installed by the extended SoundMan Installer (see SoundMan-Server above). To run SoundMan-Assistant, add a shortcut in the startup folder. SoundMan-Assistant is only used with SoundMan-Designer or ABShowMaker for Macintosh.
SoundMan-Assistant may be run on a separate computer that is networked with ABShowMaker and/or SoundMan-Designer computers. Always put SoundMan-Monitor.exe and DbgHelp.dll in the folder that contains SoundMan-Assistant.
The license dongle or temporary license dongle file should be installed in the SoundMan-Server computer. If the SoundMan-Server computer is not present in the network, the license dongle or temporary license dongle file can be installed in the SoundMan-Assistant computer. In the latter case the 'hostname' field in the SoundMan-Assistant configuration must be set to 'localhost'.
SoundMan-Assistant should be running before ABShowMaker and/or SoundMan-Designer are started. If SoundMan-Assistant and SoundMan-Server are installed on the same computer, SoundMan-Assistant will start SoundMan-Server if it is not already running.
ABShowMaker, SoundMan-Designer, SoundMan-Assistant and SoundMan-Server will all find each other and automatically connect as long as the computers are all in the same subdomain and the applications are unblocked in the firewall.


NOTES: SoundMan-Assistant supports V4 & V5 shows up to 8 lists; does NOT support recording. Supports the Advantech interface to the 1740 card, or any Advantec digital IO card that has at least 16 bits each of input and output. It also still supports the old interface.
Download SoundMan-Assistant Release Notes (pdf format)

Free Windows SoundMan & SoundMan-Server Control/Programming Software

Free SoundMan-Designer Software - Compatible with ABEdit show files in complex themed entertainment applications, not recommended for new live theatre designs which should use Show Cue Systems' SCS11 with SoundMan-Server support

Certified for Windows XP only

Communicates with SoundMan-Assistant and SoundMan-Server over an ethernet network to perfectly emulate an AudioBox AB64
Networking SoundMan-Designer with SoundMan-Assistant & SoundMan-Server
Captures MIDI and creates and edits SoundMan-Assistant shows
Transfers shows and audio selections to SoundMan-Assistant & SoundMan-Server
Real time control of all SoundMan-Assistant & SoundMan-Server Core Audio and show functions
Live display and monitoring of all SoundMan-Assistant & SoundMan-Server Core Audio and show functions and status

Please contact RSD if you have any concerns or questions about this or need any assistance. Recommended computer setup

The Ultimate Live Show Control Program
Download the ShowMan installer - Latest Licensed Production Version
Note: This version will ONLY work with a dongle or a temporary .dng file. Please contact RSD for further information or for the version that works with a .smr file.

IMPORTANT: Shows created or edited with this version are NOT BACKWARD COMPATIBLE with some much earlier versions.
This will not affect shows using only the show default MIDI port, but it will require reprogramming shows made on an older version using multiple MIDI ports.
Therefore, it is important to MAKE A BACKUP OF THE CURRENT SHOW before upgrading to this version of ShowMan.

We advise you always to use the latest posted version of ShowMan.

If you don't have a temporary license file or license dongle, just run ShowManSetup.exe and enjoy for up to one half hour at a time until it expires three months after installation or email us for a temporary license file for your own use.
Recommended computer setup
Download release notes (pdf format)
Download ShowMan Production License Agreement (pdf format)

Download E-Show Production License Agreement (pdf format)
For 64 bit Windows only

These files work as demonstration versions when no dongle is present. Licensed users can use these files to update to the latest version of any licensed E-Show device.
Unpack this into its own folder and enjoy in demo mode for up to 30 minutes at a time.

  • Ethernet Command Device - allows the execution of IP commands via MIDI sysex messages.
  • DOS Command Device - allows the execution of MS-DOS commands via MIDI sysex messages.
  • ButtonBuilder - creates and programs virtually any array of buttons and controls that can be conceived and overlays the computer screen with an easy-to-use user interface window that presents clear operational choices and functions along with full, programmable interactive menus and responses.
  • E-ShowCPL - Control panel tool to configure all E-Show Devices
    A demo sheet and instruction manual is included. Right clicking allows you to make most of the adjustments that are possible. Selected IDs have a box around them. You can group select by dragging the mouse on the screen when it is not on top of an item moving it.
  • MIDI_AutomationDirect2_IO PLC Device - allows input and output signals from AutomationDirect ethernet based PLCs to be controlled by and control ShowMan via standard MSC messages. Also has a Safe Mode in which direct write to relays are blocked for full safety.
  • MIDI_Ethergate Device - sends commands to the ENTTEC DMXEtherGate for 512 channels of DMX lighting control per unit
  • MIDI_Fishcamp PLC Device - allows input and output signals from Fishcamp parallel IO cards to be controlled by and control ShowMan via standard MSC messages
  • MIDI_MTS232 Device - allows ShowMan to exchange data through any network-based serial port
  • MIDI_MTS232V2 Device - allows ShowMan to send data out any network-based serial port
  • MIDI_ModBus PLC Device - allows output signals from all ModBus based PLCs to be controlled by ShowMan via standard MSC messages
  • MIDI_ModBusIP PLC Device - allows input and output signals from ModBus based PLCs to be controlled by and control ShowMan via standard MSC messages
  • MIDI_Pioneer Device - allows ShowMan to control Pioneer DVD-7400 and LD7400 players over network-based serial port
  • MIDI_Serial Device - allows MIDI to be carried over any industry standard serial link at speeds much higher than standard MIDI
  • MIDI_SimpleDMX Device - sends commands to the Artistic Licence DMXDongleII and Dove Systems StarPort for 512 channels of DMX lighting control per unit
  • MIDI_Wire Program - FREE software that creates a user configurable 'MIDI Patchbay' which patches MIDI IN and OUT ports together within the local computer - just execute to open, no installation required
  • NetMIDI Network Device - creates user configurable network-wide MIDI ports that merge and split in up to 32 groups

Download DongleStuffer - use this utility to update your support and/or upgrade your SoundMan-Server or ShowMan license dongle without getting a new dongle using files we will email to you.

NOTE: If the licensee or project name is being updated, press 'control, shift, alt' then with them pressed click the 'Select the file and update the dongle' button.

Free Macintosh SoundMan & SoundMan-Server Control/Programming Software

HFI's ABShowMaker (2010-03-24) - Legacy software for compatibility with ABEdit and SoundMan-Designer show files, not recommended for new live theatre designs which should use Show Cue Systems' SCS11 with SoundMan-Server support
For Macintosh OS X 10.5 & 10.6 only

Free Macintosh AudioBox AB64 Software

HFI's ABShowMaker
For Macintosh OS X 10.5 & 10.6 only

Free Windows AudioBox AB64 Software

Download ABEdit for AudioBox models 1616HD, AB1616 & AB64 (2009-11-11)
Certified for Windows XP & 2000 only

ABEdit is now technically obsolete for the AB64 although it still allows the use of an older version of firmware. For the older Model 1616HD and AB1616 it will program all AudioBox functions including Onboard Shows and load Audio & Show files into your AudioBox and manage Projects. Users of 1616HD and AB1616 units should upgrade to SoundMan-Assistant to avoid problems with SCSI which are being caused by the lack of support for SCSI processor devices by Microsoft operating systems.
Requires AudioBox Firmware A439 (Model AB64), V694 (Model 1616HD), or T275 (Model AB1616). Includes AB64 firmware V439. To use the AB64 with firmware above A439, use HFI's ABShowMaker software for the Mac.

Recommended computer setup
Download ABEdit Release Notes (pdf format) (2009-11-12)

Install the current version of AudioBox Firmware (ABFirmware).

Sound Man Pdf Free Download Adobe Reader

Download the AB64 Firmware Loader Installer (2007-04-05) for AB64 and install it and AB64Firmware (*.abx) files will call it automatically.
Certified for Windows XP or 2000 only

Download the ABFirmware Installer (2002-06-14) for AB1616 & 1616HD and install it and ABFirmware (*.abf) files will call it automatically.
Certified for Windows XP or 2000 only

Then go to Harmonic Functions 'Software Download' page to get the current ABFirmware file.
Download that file, unzip it, then double click it to install the current AudioBox Firmware and give yourself the latest and best AudioBox features and functions.

Download the AB1616 & 1616HD (SCSI) Drivers (2006-03-26)
Certified for Windows XP or 2000 only

Pdf Free Download Windows 10

For installation of the AB1616 & 1616HD in Windows XP/2000.

Before connecting the AB1616 or 1616HD to your computer, download this file, unzip it, open folder AudioBoxDriver and read the file 2KReadMe.txt for full Windows 2000 AudioBox driver installation instructions. Read the file XPReadMe.txt for full Windows XP AudioBox driver installation instructions.

Download faster, more convenient and more reliably using the STEINBERG DOWNLOAD ASSISTANT.

Before installing any of the Cubase 11 components below the following utilities must be installed resp. updated:

eLicenser Control Center
Steinberg Library Manager

If they are missing or not up-to-date the installation without the Steinberg Download Assistant will fail.

  • Download the desired content resp. Content Set.
  • Cubase content generally consists of vstsound files. Content containing multiple vstsound files is being provided as an ISO disk image. ISO disk images can be easily mounted as virtual volumes by double-click.
  • Double-click on one of the downloaded vstsound files.
  • The Steinberg Library Manager will be started automatically and offers the installation of all vstsound files in the same folder.
  • When downloading several content titles, it is good practice to move all vstsound files to the same folder first. In this way all vstsound files can be installed by a single double-click.
    Read more on content installation...
Initial release: November 11, 2020
General information: Read Me (PDF)

macOS 10.14 · 10.15 · 11

Windows 10 64-Bit Version 1909 · 2004 · 20H2

Mp3 Sound Files Free Download

Cubase Pro 11.0.30
updated on June 24, 2021 · Release Notes
Application 625/553 MB
SpectraLayers One 7.0.30
updated on March 4, 2021 · Version History (PDF)
Application 465/333 MB
HALion Sonic SE 3.4.30
updated on June 9, 2021 · Version History (PDF)
Instrument 767/753 MB
HALion Sonic SE 3Content3.4 GB⬇ macOS/Windows
Groove Agent SE 5.0.50
updated on July 29, 2021 · Version History (PDF)
Instrument320/211 MB
Groove Agent SE 5Content6.2 GB⬇ macOS/Windows
Retrologue 2.2.50
updated on May 12, 2021 · Version History (PDF)
Instrument72/71 MB
Retrologue 2Content7 MB⬇ macOS/Windows
Padshop 2.0.30
updated on May 12, 2021 · Version History (PDF)
Instrument83/82 MB
Padshop 2Content774 MB⬇ macOS/Windows
Analog Techno Content Set 869 MB⬇ macOS/Windows
BlockbusterContent Set 1.6 GB⬇ macOS/Windows
CaleidoscopeContent Set 1.8 GB⬇ macOS/Windows
Drum Loop ExpansionContent Set449 MB⬇ macOS/Windows
EDM ToolboxContent Set603 MB⬇ macOS/Windows
Hip Hop VaultContent Set712 MB⬇ macOS/Windows
⚠️ required for browsing LoopMash Presets
Content Set1.2 GB⬇ macOS/Windows
Mystic SpacesContent Set323 MB⬇ macOS/Windows
Raw AmbienceContent Set3.2 GB⬇ macOS/Windows
Rock Pop Toolbox
⚠️ requires HALion Sonic SE/Groove Agent SE
Content Set2.7 GB⬇ macOS/Windows
Sequel MIDI Loops
⚠️ requires HALion Sonic SE
Content Set379 MB⬇ macOS/Windows
Soul AssemblyContent Set803 MB⬇ macOS/Windows
Vintage Verb CollectionContent Set65 MB⬇ macOS/Windows
BloomContent Set262 MB⬇ macOS/Windows
Dancefloor Tech HouseContent Set792 MB⬇ macOS/Windows
Hard KnocksContent Set669 MB⬇ macOS/Windows
LoFi DreamsContent Set1.5 GB⬇ macOS/Windows
Night Call SynthwaveContent Set1.3 GB⬇ macOS/Windows
NoirContent Set1.25 GB⬇ macOS/Windows
Cubase 11 Demo Track 'Venus Theory'Project25 MB⬇ macOS/Windows

Sound Man Pdf Free Download Windows 10

The online help and PDF manuals are available on

Sound Man Pdf free download. software

In general, we recommend downloading via the Steinberg Download Assistant and always using the latest program version.

In exceptional cases, it can be useful to install an older version. For this purpose, previous installers can be downloaded using the links below. These files are not available in the Steinberg Download Assistant anymore.

The installers can be used to install Cubase from scratch or to update older existing Cubase Pro 11 installations.

However, please note that we can provide support for the latest release only.

Information on every single update can be found in the Release Notes.

VersionDownloadsmax. Size
Cubase Pro 11.0.20600 MB
Cubase Pro 11.0.10629 MB
Cubase Pro 11.0629 MB