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and savings into the unliterary patois, we have adopted a position for the long haul by choosing to call ourselves Francreole speakers in light of this ...

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Author: André Ladouceur

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The Anti-cool Girl Pdf Free Download Free

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PdfThere is a world of difference between Francreole and Creole. They differ not so much by their phraseologies, but much more so in everything else. Francreole is a diaglocy, a romantic literary genre, a mixture of two grammatical and modern languages. Creole is just a grammatically neglected local dialect. They are two sister languages, if not mother-daughter. Francreole is a grammar that, orthographically and analytically, has revised the literary composition of a dialectto wit, Creole, into a better-articulated literary recomposition, rather than just a mere simplistic local French Creole patois, as usual. Creole patois has hereby been innovated from being just a mere dialect into a full-fl edged Romantic literary genre. It is a modern grammar now. Its phraseology remains unchanged. Students, intellectuals, Francreole speakers, Creole speakers, French speakers, or any person interested in foreign languages will find this study challenging, as it is unique as a literary innovation to the vernacular Creole dialect, now a vehicular Romantic language.