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  1. The Art Of Resistance Pdf Free Download By Jeff Kinney
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This Martin Luther King Jr. Day, hundreds of writers and artists around the world are banding together to speak out in support of free expression. The protest is put together by Writers Resist, a national network of writers “driven to #WriteOurDemocracy by defending the ideals of a free, just, and compassionate democratic society.”

What does it mean to have a literature of resistance? To foment a political movement, what’s needed is action, right? Politicians changing policies, protesters making noise? What do writers, especially writers of fiction and poetry, have to do with anything?

The Art Of Resistance Pdf Free Download By Jeff Kinney

Milan Kundera puts it this way:

Western society is habitually presents itself as the society of the rights of man, but before a man could have rights, he had to constitute himself as an individual, to consider himself such and to be considered such; that could not happen without the long experience of the European arts and particularly the art of the novel which teaches the reader to be curious about others and to try to comprehend truths that differs from his own.

This passage is quoted in Tess Lewis’s “Literature as Resistance,” an essay that bears rereading. She tracks how Nobel Prize winner Gao Xingjian refused to write following the Chinese Communist Party’s socialist realist guidelines, choosing instead to destroy all his writings and live undercover with peasants in a remote province. Since he resumed writing and publishing, he has been outspoken about the importance of language and literature; he writes that language is “the ultimate crystallization of human civilization…I also believe that if a race cannot accommodate this non-utilitarian sort of literature, it is not merely a misfortune for the writer but also an indication of the utter spiritual impoverishment of that race.”

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For more on the significance of resistance literature, read and download the PDF for free here.

Ever wanted to write a song, a novel, a movie script? But you weren't quite sure how to begin?

Is there something you need to create — a project you need to start, a business you need to launch — but you're scared to sit down and actually do it?

Ever feel like something is holding you back?

Reading one, short book can change all of that.

For the longest time, I felt this way. I felt stuck and afraid and made all kinds of excuses to not do the one thing I knew I needed to do: write.

Then I found The War of Art

All my friends had read it.

All the blogs I read were talking about it.

One year over Christmas break, I finally read it.

And it changed my creative process forever.

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield is amazing. If you deal with creativity in your work or personal life, I can't make a better book recommendation.

I don’t know how I went so long without it.

The Art Of Resistance Pdf Free Download Adobe Reader For Windows 10

You need this book

This book is a must-read for any writer, artist, or entrepreneur. I'd recommend it to anyone who “thinks for a living” — meaning writers, actors, entrepreneurs, photographers, video editors, and more.

This book teaches you a truth that otherwise you'd be blind to — that we are at war.

The War of Art is a essential read for anyone longing to overcome Resistance with a capital “R”— that evil force that holds every creative endeavor back from reaching its potential.

Resistance is the enemy. It prevents us from reaching our dreams and creating timeless masterpieces. It's what makes you afraid and anxious and causes us to sabotage our best work.

Without this field manual, you may be prone to think that Resistance is nothing more than laziness when, in reality, it is something far more personal and vindictive. And it will destroy you — if you do not fight.

You need to acknowledge the battle and your part in it.

The War of Art can help.

It's a little controversial

This book is both inspiring and challenging, maybe even a little contentious.

Pressfield talks about God and uses four-letter words in the same sentence. He picks a fight. And for good reason: He wants to motivate you to act, to move, to do something that matters. To get off the couch and begin.

Pressfield cusses. He gets angry. He wants you to get angry, too — to get so upset you actually do something with the gifts you've been given.

He's not interested in coddling; this is war, after all.

One part art, one part science

The War of Art combines the art and science of every artistic endeavor, especially writing.

Creativity, according to Pressfield, is both a mystical and practical process. You must do your part, but not all the pressure to produce is on you.

There is a Muse — a source of inspiration, a fount of creativity, a divine spark of imagination. This is where all great art comes from. But to call oneself a writer, artist, or creative means more than sitting around waiting to be inspired.

We must show up to do the work.

Are you ready to sweat?

The War of Art is a quick read that presents the complexity of the creative process, both the inspiration and perspiration.

Reader, beware: this book is not for the faint of heart. You will get a workout reading it. Like a good general preparing his troops for battle, Pressfield will kick your butt.

If you're ready to work harder than you've ever worked, to face Resistance and overcome your creative blocks, then it's time to declare war against the blank page.

And do yourself a favor: buy this book.

Have you read The War of Art?

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