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  • It includes goals, timings, action items, and tools for each step, as well as powerful“abundance acceleration tips” that will boost your manifestation even more. Tips For Beating Low Mood & Depression (+ Free Printable PDF) The energy you put into the universe will create the world around you.
  • He patiently explained that life didn’t have to be this way. I could live my life on purpose and with balance. The first assignment he gave me was to create a “Life Plan.” This was the first time I ever thought systematically about what outcomes I wanted to see in the major categories of my life.

Download The Complete Guide To Goal Setting and get one free article weekly per email (with goal setting tips).

The Secrets Of My Life Free Pdf Download

Lose your direction – it’s easy to get distracted by life’s little obstacles, so goal setting will help you focus your time and energy in the right direction. Goals are well-defined targets that give you direction and motivation – they are your road map to. This is the Wheel of Life (make sure to download the free PDF template for your personal use). Source: Institute of Integrative Nutrition. As you can see, it has 12 sections. For each area, place a dot on the line to indicate your level of satisfaction in that category. To indicate dissatisfaction, place a dot at the center of the circle.

Gain clarity about your goals and learn the proven step-by-step system how to achieve goals

Goal setting is not a gift, it’s a skill that can be acquired. We all know about concepts like the popular SMART goals, but still 94% of people abandon their goals just two weeks after setting them. There is a better way. Get the free goal setting guide and learn how to achieve your goals.

Longterm Vision

You will learn how to define a long term (30 years+) vision for different areas of your life.

90-Day Goals

You will get clarity about your short-term, action-oriented goals, which are set every 90 days.

Weekly Actions

Each week there is only one small, but crucial step towards your long-term vision and 90-day celebration.

Your Goal Buddy

Your new secret weapon is your goal buddy. Learn how to find and communicate with your buddy.

Have a proven system to achieve balance in your life

What is your mission? Why do you have the goals you have? Do you have goals for all areas of your life? You define which areas are important for you, but here are 3 important areas of life for most people.

Health Goals

Nothing matters if you don't have health. From weight-loss to fitness goals to longevity, here you set your health goals.


Financial Goals

Like it or not, money is important part of our life. You better know to set and achieve your financial goals.

The Goal Of My Life Pdf Free Download Books

Relationship Goals

The Goal Of My Life Pdf Free Download Windows 10

Family, life partners and friends. Relationships are vital for our emotional health.