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Download a free selection of datasets and supporting documentation to use for your library or research. These datasets include the British National Bibliography in a range of formats.

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Files are distributed under a Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication licence. Please read our terms and conditions.

Linked open data

Bulk downloads, serialized as N-Triples, RDF/XML or Turtle (ttl) are available below for published and forthcoming books and serials eligible for BNB.

These ZIP files include multiple files and a PDF document and are updated monthly. You can find the models, schema and URI patterns on the BNB Linked Data Platform.

Sample data are available for all of the bulk downloads. We make samples to get feedback on datasets or schema in development.

British National Bibliography

  • British National Bibliography (BNB) Books LOD
    Full files NT (ZIP 1,607,198 KB) and RDF/XML (ZIP 1,945,157 KB)
    Samples NT (ZIP 11,145 KB) and RDF/XML (ZIP 10,139 KB)
  • British National Bibliography (BNB) Serials LOD
    Full files NT (ZIP 51,361 KB) and RDF/XML (ZIP 50,933 KB)
    Samples NT (ZIP 10,868 KB) and RDF/XML (ZIP 10,142 KB)
  • British National Bibliography (BNB) Cataloguing-In-Publication LOD
    Full files NT (ZIP 218,591 KB) and RDF/XML (ZIP 246,663 KB)
    Samples NT (ZIP 15,673) and RDF/XML (ZIP 15,094 KB)
  • VoID descriptions Turtle (ZIP 6 KB)
The Library Book PDF Free Download

Files last updated: June 2021.

Knowledge Organizations: experimental release

This is an experimental linked data release of the MARC organization codes and ISILs that the British Library assigns to organizations in the UK, Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories. Please note that the URIs used in the dataset are provisional and do not resolve; fuller documentation is available in this document (PDF 626 KB).

  • Knowledge Organizations LOD
    Full files NT (ZIP 177 KB) and RDF/XML (ZIP 102 KB)
  • VoID descriptionTurtle (ZIP 2 KB)

Files last updated: February 2020.

Open RDF/XML data

These versions of the datasets are structured using a basic form of RDF/XML. They do not contain URIs and are not primarily intended for use in a linked data environment. These ZIP folders include multiple files and a PDF document.

  • British National Bibliography (BNB) RDF/XML (ZIP 931,060 KB) Updated June 2021. Full file, including Cataloguing-In-Publication records. Updated monthly. Sample RDF/XML (ZIP 557 KB)
  • Weekly files in this format for new BNB records are also available.
  • British Library Integrated Catalogue (Books) RDF/XML (ZIP 1,466,853 KB) Updated June 2021. Books in our collections not eligible for BNB. Updated monthly. Sample RDF/XML (ZIP 3200 KB)
  • British Library printed music RDF/XML (ZIP 88,070 KB) Released May 2015. Dataset comprising records for printed music held at the British Library. See below for another version of this dataset in CSV format.

Researcher Format (CSV) datasets

Our themed datasets are available in comma-separated value (CSV) format for you to analyse the data using utilities or applications such as Open Refine. We produce these files in response to: requests from researchers, projects and British Library exhibitions.

Researcher Format datasets consist of up to 5 files, each providing a different view of the data; the views focus on bibliographic records, titles, names, topical terms or Dewey classification. A ‘readme’ file accompanying each dataset provides details of file contents.

You can download the following CSV datasets of metadata for resources relating to people or topics. The resources are from the BNB and the British Library's collections. All of the ZIP files below include multiple CSV files, a readme.txt file and a PDF document.

History datasets

  • Black History MonthCSV (ZIP 7,712 KB) Updated October 2020. Initially released to coincide with Black History Month 2016.
  • Cotton Manuscripts collection CSV (ZIP 1,739 KB) Updated December 2017. Metadata for the British Library's Cotton Manuscripts collection.
  • Great Fire of London CSV (ZIP 1,666 KB) Updated August 2020. Initially released in September 2016 to coincide with the 350th anniversary of the fire.
  • History of Magic CSV (ZIP 9,288 KB) Updated June 2021. Initially released in September 2016 to coincide with the 350th anniversary of the fire.
  • India Office Medical Archives CSV (ZIP 1,793 KB) Updated May 2019. Metadata created during the India Office Medical Archives Project, 2015-2016.
  • James Cook CSV (ZIP 1,904 KB) Updated April 2021. Initially released in April 2018 to accompany the British Library's exhibition James Cook: The Voyages, marking 250 years since Cook set sail from Plymouth aboard HMS Endeavour.
  • Karl and Eleanor Marx CSV (ZIP 10,880 KB) Updated May 2021. Initially released in May 2018 to coincide with the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx's birth.
  • Leonarda Da Vinci CSV (ZIP 2,406 KB) Updated May 2021
  • Magna CartaCSV (ZIP 4,456 KB) Updated June 2021. Initially released in 2015 to accompany the British Library's exhibition Magna Carta: Law, Liberty, Legacy.

Literature datasets

The Library Book Pdf Free Download Pdf

  • Alfred Lord TennysonCSV (ZIP 27,844 KB) Updated August 2020
  • Alice in WonderlandCSV (ZIP 11,894 KB) Updated June 2021. Initially released in 2015 to accompany Alice's Day 2015 - 4 July 2015.
  • Angela Carter CSV (ZIP 393 KB) Updated May 2021
  • Anthony Trollope CSV (ZIP 14,968 KB) Updated April 2021
  • Charles Dickens CSV (ZIP 29,156 KB) Updated February 2021
  • Charlotte Brontë CSV (ZIP 8,472 KB) Updated April 2021
  • Children's Literature CSV (ZIP 140,749 KB) Published March 2021. Initially published to accompany the launch of Discovering Children's Books.
  • Christina Rossetti CSV (ZIP 7,788 KB) Updated December 2020
  • Comic books CSV (ZIP 36,284 KB) Updated April 2021. Initially released in 2014 to accompany the British Library's exhibition Comics Unmasked.
  • Elizabeth Barrett Browning CSV (ZIP 10,988 KB) Updated March 2021
  • Elizabeth GaskellCSV (ZIP 7,730 KB) Updated September 2020
  • E. M. ForsterCSV (ZIP 2,328 KB) Updated January 2021
  • Emily BrontëCSV (ZIP 840 KB) Updated July 2021
  • E. R. BraithwaiteCSV (ZIP 287 KB) Updated June 2021
  • George EliotCSV (ZIP 11,133 KB) Updated November 2020
  • George OrwellCSV (ZIP 1,103 KB) Updated June 2021
  • Hanif KureishiCSV (ZIP 193 KB) Updated December 2020
  • Harry Potter CSV (ZIP 735 KB) Updated June 2021. Initially released in November 2017 to accompany the British Library's exhibition Harry Potter: A History of Magic.
  • Hermann HesseCSV (ZIP 866 KB) Updated July 2021
  • H. G. Wells CSV (ZIP 11,887 KB) Updated October 2020
  • James Joyce CSV (ZIP 3,113 KB) Updated February 2021
  • Jane AustenCSV (ZIP 7,944 KB) Updated July 2021
  • J. G. BallardCSV (ZIP 287 KB) Updated November 2020
  • John KeatsCSV (ZIP 284 KB) Updated October 2020
  • Katherine Mansfield CSV (ZIP 7,868 KB) Updated October 2020
  • Lewis Carroll CSV (ZIP 11,003 KB) Updated January 2021
  • Lord Byron CSV (ZIP 20,986 KB) Updated January 2021
  • Mary Shelley CSV (ZIP 4,538 KB) Updated August 2020
  • Michael Palin CSV (ZIP 240 KB) Updated August 2020
  • Oscar Wilde CSV (ZIP 15,216 KB) Updated October 2020
  • Percy Bysshe Shelley CSV (ZIP 12,225 KB) Updated August 2020
  • Roald Dahl CSV (ZIP 606 KB) Updated August 2020
  • Robert Burns CSV (ZIP 8,236 KB) Updated January 2021
  • Robert Louis Stevenson CSV (ZIP 9,632 KB) Updated November 2020
  • Samuel Taylor Coleridge CSV (ZIP 14,468 KB) Updated October 2020
  • Shakespeare CSV (ZIP 21,227 KB) Updated April 2021. Initially released in 2016 to accompany the British Library's exhibition Shakespeare in Ten Acts - April-Sept. 2016.
  • Sylvia Plath CSV (ZIP 509 KB) Updated October 2020
  • Ted Hughes CSV (ZIP 491 KB) Updated August 2020
  • Thomas Hardy CSV (ZIP 14,519 KB) Updated June 2021
  • Virginia Woolf CSV (ZIP 3,660 KB) Updated January 2021
  • W.H. Auden CSV (ZIP 1,008 KB) Updated February 2021
  • William Blake CSV (ZIP 5,846 KB) Updated November 2020
  • William Wordsworth CSV (ZIP 16,798 KB) Updated April 2021

Music datasets

  • British Library printed music CSV (ZIP 281,582 KB) Updated May 2015. Records for printed music held at the British Library. Another version of this dataset is available in basic RDF/XML format.
  • British Library manuscript music CSV (ZIP 665 KB) Updated September 2015. Records for manuscript music held at the British Library.
  • History of MusicCSV (ZIP 226,008 KB) Updated October 2020. Records for printed music held at the British Library.

Other datasets

  • National parks CSV (ZIP 1,480 KB) Updated December 2020
  • Punk CSV (ZIP 659 KB) Updated July 2021. Initially released in 2016 to accompany the British Library's exhibition Punk 1976-78.
  • Theology CSV (ZIP 139,431 KB) Updated August 2020
  • UK doctoral thesis metadata from EThOS CSV (ZIP 31,633 KB) Updated October 2019. Metadata for UK doctoral theses from EThOS. Updated biannually.

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