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Simply written and easy to read, this book shows you how to overcome the obstacles that are holding you down. It will prove to you that the USE, not the quantity, of your brain is what counts most toward successful living. This book will certainly help you reach your goals and achieve success through: profitable thinking; new personal standards; energy conservation; new speech habits; creative self-discipline; revitalized imagination; positive action.” – Amazon.com


Having read a good number of β€œself-help” books, I was both surprised and inspired after my first reading of Wake Up and Live. The book introduces a very important principle: the drive to fail. In essence, many individuals appear to be taking steps toward success but in reality are heading straight to failure. Peers lavish them with praise and this keeps the mirage going in the mind of the individual. Yet they do eventually feel a growing uneasiness inside of them. This book teaches you exactly how to break from this terrible habit and achieve your goals. Her philosophy can be summed up in one sentence: β€œAll that is necessary to break the spell of inertia and frustration is to β€” act as if it were impossible to fail.”

Wake Up Happy Pdf free. download full

My favorite aspect of the book: The book is not overly preachy or filled with stories. It is in fact only 40 pages and can be read in one night. This allows you to be able to reread the book every month or so to reinforce the concepts in the book.

Wake Up Happy PDF Free download

My least favorite aspect of the book: It’s very difficult to find. You cannot find it in stores and old editions online go for up to $500. After hours scouring the internet I was able to finally find a PDF copy (which you can now download).

Nikolai’s Rating: 5 Stars

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